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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Good Real Estate Brokers Should Embrace Sites like StreetEasy and Zillow

After making a name for myself at the big corporate firms, I decided to start Miron Properties, a firm that works differently and I believe creates better results. At the old firms, you often hear people speaking of the threat of the internet - that clients wont need brokers to find homes anymore. To me, that is insanity - I don’t ever want to create value because I have information our clients don’t. Instead I see our real value in our ability to provide market insight, knowlegable advice and skilled negotiation.

So to that end, we do things differently. We give our customers access to full and complete listing data, even going as far as paying subscriptions for them at real estate data sites, and if they feel they would like us there on their side when deciding what to buy and negotiating a price, we’re happy to be there.

So far the results have been superb. Every single customer has stayed with us as their buyers broker. Our clients love the automatic email updates and access to data about availabilities and closed sales data. And our time has freed up, so instead of focusing on mundane task of digging through new listings, we can devote more of our time to the stuff we enjoy -providing unbeatable market insight and negotiating killer deals for our clients.

So my advice to all the real estate brokers out there- Don’t fear that clients will leave you when they have access to full listing data, instead embrace these new tools and be the source that provides the data. Our clients are thrilled with the access and in all likelihood yours will be too, especially if you focus on providing great insight and negotiating great deals.

Jeff Schleider is the founder and managing director of Miron Properties, a New York City real estate brokerage specializing in residential rental and sales of condominiums, coops and investment properties.

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